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What we believe in Pallavi Kidz AS Rao Nagar, the best Play Schools in Secunderabad, is, to nurture and teach the child with compassion and, to create a positive engaging environment for the child that motivates them to be happy at all times.

Every professional teacher at Pallavi Kidz is trained to subtly and patiently guide, foster and grow their personalities by interacting with them. The school strikes at growing the child in a way that they always sustain a positive attitude towards sharing, learning and interacting in all social matters.


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School time is the best phase of one’s life, where we make new friends, we learn how to care, share and love. It’s not the classrooms, libraries or play areas that make the school, it is in the heart of the students and the teachers that the true institution exists.

Here at Pallavi Kids School we implant the spirit of joy and passion to learn new things and shine in this competitive world. We offer children a nurturing environment where they are treated with love, kindness, patience and courtesy. Being one of the most renowned nursery schools in the city, Pallavi Kids has all that your kid needs to complete the early education!


Our Classes

Play Group

  • 2+ Years of Age


  • 2.6 Years by June of Age


  • 3.6 Years by June of Age


  • 4.6 Years by June of Age


  • 20 months onwards we take students. Summer camp offered during April and May month every year.

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