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About Franchise

Pallavi Kidz is an expeditious-growing Play School Chain. We are offering franchise opportunities for elongating our playschool chain with maximum benefits. Pallavi Kidz offer a great value of ROI to our franchise partners. You can establish a Pallavi Kidz Play School franchise with a small investment through our well-orchestrated, guided franchise program. We provide total support and guidance to our franchise partners through our administrative online/offline implements.

Pallavi Kidz is the most expeditious growing play school franchise in Telangana mostly in the twin cities Hyderabad and Secunderabad. Pallavi Kidz is established with a motto to fill the gap that subsists in preschool inculcation. As we know that the preschool years are consequential for every child to have an effulgent future. At Pallavi Kidz, we believe in quality education with a standard curriculum to make a solid foundation for every child and to have overall development.

Start-Up Support, with a proven track record for Success:

  • Business Plan review and detail scrutinizing
  • Advice on site selection, building, design and finishing.
  • Review designs and layout of the Center.
  • Facilitating recruitment of Center Head and assisting with all teaching staff.
  • Reduced procurement costs, for all items and furniture.
  • Website, Email platform and server as well.

Pre-School Franchise Requirements


Curriculum & Academic Support

Access to a curriculum developed on the sound foundation of NCF document and guidelines.


Training Support

E-marketing campaigns (optional, based on campaign cost)


Branding and Marketing Support

Form, Print Based Advertising Concept Design, Event Invite Design


Operational Material and Guides

Detailed manuals and guides to start and operate a school from design parameters and fit up to comprehensive school practices and policies.


On Going Benefits

Option to upgrade your franchise up to Higher Schooling as Pallavi Model/International School.


Quality Control

Annual Quality Assurance visits to maintain school performance, and regular Quality control Audits.

Benefits of Partnering

A Ready-Made Business Opportunity

It can take an independent owner years to develop an efficient and effective business model. Pallavi Group of Schools has already done the legwork for you, so all you need to worry about is mastering our systems by fully leveraging our training program and support resources. Compared to independent owners, our franchisees save time, money, and hassle.

The Best


You can be confident that you’re offering in-demand, research-based curriculum that’s proven to be effective. As we learn more about early childhood education, you can count on us to keep your team updated on best practices and new techniques.

Well-Designed Operations Procedures


We know what it takes to keep our locations running smoothly. From time-saving software to streamlined safety procedures, our franchisees don’t need to reinvent the wheel when it comes to operations.



Our franchisees never need to worry about going it alone. Once their Pallavi School location is up and running, our experienced team will continue supporting their growing business and provide ongoing training.