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Why “Pallavi KIDZ”

Swaram is turned into a Pallavi only when a Raaga accompanies the Swaram. Similarly, we at Pallavi Kidz, Best Play Schools in Hyderabad, become a Raaga to your children whom we consider as a Swaram resulting in a beautiful Pallavi.

We don’t just strive for excellence in your child’s educational development, we also concentrate on proper growth of your children in a playful and fun-filled environment with an ethos to explore themselves to know what their capabilities are.

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Your child is growing up expeditious and yare for a little more independence, our preschool club will be an impeccable introduction.



Pallavi Kidz, Best Play Schools in Hyderabad, approach of learning and teaching is through child-centered education. We have a plenarily equipped nursery.

After School


Our staff will engage with your children through a wide range of activities including imaginative play, arts and crafts, and physical activities.


Classroom Facilities

Pallavi Kidz, Best Play Schools in Hyderabad, has the well ventilated classrooms with rounded edge furniture to prevent any harm to your tiny tot. Bright colors enhance the cheerful attitude in children which is why we chose the atmosphere to be as bright as the faces of these little angels. They say books are man’s best friends but for children, toys are best friends. Aggressive nature can be prevented by encouraging children to open up themselves to the surrounding fun-filled environment.

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Your Children’s Education and Welfare Are Our Main Priorities

We don’t just think about the child’s happiness. We think of you too. Your happiness defines our success which we have been achieving since the beginning of our voyage.

We have made a checklist below listing out all the things which will bring a happy and satisfied feeling in your heart.

  • Well ventilated classrooms.
  • Safe and Well maintained furniture.
  • Interactive learning and teachers with a positive persona.
  • Soft skills such as speaking, listening and writing to your children.
  • Inculcate enthusiastic ethos in your children to learn and explore new things.
  • Handle with Care.
  • Handle With Care

    Delicate than a rose petal and naughtier than a monkey. We promise to take the utmost care of your child. We won’t even allow your child to do what you are thinking of while reading this and rolling your eyes to him/her coz we believe children are uncut diamonds

  • Smiles all Over

    Childhood is the best stage in life as this is the only stage where we can stay peacefully smiling and laughing always without caring about any issues. So, we promise you we would always spread your child’s lips east to west

  • Education

    Of course, your tiny toddler is not going to appear for an IIT or an IAS exam this year but yes, he is going to be introduced to the whole new world of best friends who spread knowledge and they are called books. So, we help your child build a good rapport with those books

Our Results Speak For Themselves!

These are just little Einsteins’ who don’t even know what they are going to be tomorrow’s leading brains. So, for us, their happiness and your happiness are the results which are to be spoken about


Happy Children


Happy Parents

Voted OUTSTANDING by Our Local Education Authority

What The Parents Say


A Rainbow of Fun and Learning

Visit our campus to take a look around. Fix an appointment to talk about your plans for the child. Your child deserves it…

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