Our Facilities

Our Facilities

Facilities in kindergarten of Pallavi Kidz

“Free the child’s potential and you will transform him into the world.”

Maria Montessori

We at Pallavi Kidz believe in the above quote by Maria Montessori. We must leave our kids to explore the environment around them. We provide a child-centered scholastic approach predicated on the scientific observation of children. Childhood is the time when they commence learning about their environment. They learn gross and fine motor skills to achieve developmental milestones. We give them plenty of hands-on opportunities to explore art materials in a safe environment.

Our faculty and staff integrate the best learning backgrounds and styles to engender a varied learning and teaching environment within an innovative curriculum.

We work on the holistic development of children. So we plan plenty of opportunities for their growth. These activities include the interpersonal and intrapersonal competition. To train our children for these competitions we have the best faculty in art and craft, sports, dance, and music department.

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Few more facilities of our school:

  1. We have spacious well-ventilated classrooms.
  2. We have excellent transport facilities with caretakers to ensure the discipline and safety of the students.
  3. A full time qualified nurse is present to help the students in need of the medical service during school time.
  4. The infirmary can handle situations by providing immediate relief in the form of first-aid.
  5. We plan many field trips to places like neighborhood places, places of worship, trips to a zoo, etc.
  6. We celebrate every festival in school to inculcate the spirit of secularism in young kids.