Pallavi Kidz Curriculum


In the playgroup, the curriculum at Pallavi Kidz, the Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad, is a harmonious blend of the best practices which focus on care and encouragement. We provide a nurturing environment incorporating a balance of structure and free exploration, with the belief happy children make successful learners. Learning is enhanced through meaningful life experiences as well as sensory and exploratory activities. Regular events, performances, and assemblies add to the rich range of opportunities open to our children along with many educational trips and co-curricular activities.

Each theme is taught through the play-way method a unit of inquiry. Within these themes, children learn all the major subject areas like Math, English, and EVS, Art and Craft, Hindi / Telugu as a second language in the playgroup classes. Our playgroup education system aims to promote a love for learning. Children are encouraged to become independent learners with different skills to build a firm foundation for the future.

Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad
Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad


Our teaching-learning methodology is based on Piaget’s research-based constructivist learning through sensory-motor and pre-operational schema of developing the children and Vygotsky’s Zone of proximal development”. Brain gym activities are used for reinforcing the theory of Connectivism’ in scaffolding the learning.

The participation model of Kolb’s learning cycle is used effectively by the teachers to provide concrete experiences, do a reflective observation, till the child can conceptualize abstract things and every child has to actively experiment till the neurons start making connections and brain constructs own meaning of this new learning.


Maslow’s hierarchical needs are also addressed in Pallavi Kidz

Psychological Needs

Classrooms are well ventilated, seating is comfortable, and furniture and facilities are age-appropriate.

Safety Needs

Pallavi Kidz, the Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad, maintains total confidentiality/privacy. Treat learners fairly and equally, follow safety procedures. Show respect, encourage interaction between learners and promote a cohesive class climate.


Esteem Needs

We build self-esteem, respect for others and tap the personal potential.

Best Kindergarten Schools in Hyderabad

We are Collaborating with the members of:

Association for early childhood education & development
Andhra Mahila Sabha
Early Childhood Association