At what Age does Pallavi Kidz accept students?
What are the Qualifications of Teachers?
What is the Teacher-Student Ratio?
What is Pallavi Kidz Teaching/Learning Philosophy and Curriculum?
How can I keep up with what’s going on with my child in class?
What are the Safety and Security measures at Pallavi Kidz?
Is there a nap time for kids?
what Curriculum you follow in Pre-school
How to pay the amount to you
Does my child need to be potty trained?
Do you have tours of your preschool?
Do you have a faculty bus pick-up/drop-off procedure?
What do I do if I want to enroll my child?
How can parents get involved in adding value to Pallavi Kidz?
Are there any exams / interviews for the admission process?
Is there a nap time for kids?

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