Welcome to Pallavi Kidz, one of the Best Pre-Schools in Hyderabad. A Place where learning is omnipresent & effortless. Children are given various opportunities to learn and explore in an open environment and develop limitless potential. We are proud to have a team of faculties who are highly capable and competent enough with very relevant experience in early year’s child education With the aim to ascertain high standards of quality edification our edifiers are emboldened to upgrade their skills and update their erudition on a customary substratum.

Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad

We teach at Pallavi Kidz which is deeply influenced by holistic learning methodologies. Every child is an explorer. At Pallavi Kidz we give them a platform to hope, skip and keep discovering.


To create a learning environment that accommodates all individual learners providing them with opportunities to maximize their inherent potential. Learning can be and should be FUN.


Our Programme at PALLAVI KIDZ provides a safe and stimulating environment for the little ones where they are nurtured holistically.
Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad
Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad


At PALLAVI KIDZ we strongly believe that every child is unique and a competent learner, hence we encourage them to explore, discover and investigate the world around them. We work at all-round development of the children like emotional, physical, cognitive and social behavior.

Transition of language L1 (Mother tongue) to L2 (English)

Talking Twice Approach: The approach of “Talking twice” at Pallavi Kidz, Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad, can be incorporated in children by using two languages, which will enhance their understanding levels of the languages by connecting one language i.e., their mother tongue to the language you are trying to teach them.

Use of Technology or Objects: “Seeing is believing” this quote suits the little ones as well. Showing them the objects in concrete forms or through the visuals will encourage them to participate in classroom discussions. Hence developing their vocabulary skills.

Engaging kids in conversation: Picture books can be given to the children for them to see and comprehend the pictures. This will enable them to develop their conversational skills with good vocabulary. When communicating in a less familiar language, use gestures and body language. Children learn from facial expressions and can relate to the words.

Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad

Art and Craft

  • Art and craft play a very important role in the preschool level of education, it improves the physical, mental and emotional development of the child.
  • Children get attracted to bright colors and bright lights.
  • When the child joins the school they are insecure and timid, at that time colors attract them and divert them which improves their concentration level.
  • Coloring pictures help them to improve their fine motor skills.
  • Number related drawing and coloring help them to learn quickly.
  • Draw pictures on the blackboard related to a theme story that develops their creative thinking and develops innovative ideas.

Stages of Physical Development: The stages of physical development in children follow a general pattern: Walking, jumping, running, climbing stairs with help, holding crayons, and building blocks are learned between the age of 2-4. Around the ages of four to five, they can climb stairs without help, write, and even dress on their own.

Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad

Ways to Boost Physical Development in Preschoolers

  • Pallavi Kidz, the Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad, can work in some physical development activities for preschoolers to improve a child’s dexterity and overall development.
  • Walk with the child and provide the opportunity to run and jump and use muscles.
  • Prepare a simple obstacle course for the child to jump over, or encourage to run.
  • Play catch using a ball. Allow the child to play with the ball like catching, throwing, kicking to develop the gross motor skills.
  • Pallavi Kidz, the Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad, involve the child to play with pebbles which develops their fine motor skills.
  • With safe scissors, we can teach our kids some craftwork.
  • Allow the child to hop on a trampoline. We have to ensure P.E.T supervision during this activity.


NUMERACY SKILLS: An understanding of numbers is crucial in our daily life. For e.g.- Counting of beads. Many children learn best when they are using their sense of touch. For eg- Sand tracing. Make numbers an adventure and kids will enjoy the learning process. We can teach counting with number rhymes and incorporate numbers into daily tasks. Introduction of pre-math concept. For e.g.- big-small, long-short, full-empty, thick-thin.

SOCIAL DEVELOPMENT: Pallavi Kidz, Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad, encourage the kids to play with their age group children. By giving a few toys encourage the kids to share with their group. Comfort and counsel them if they have trouble waiting for their turn and help them get involved in something else in the meantime. Children incline to have an extreme emotional reaction like throwing toys or not verbalizing when they lose a game. We need to make them understand that losing is a part of life. Shift their focus on how they can improve to win next time.

EMOTIONAL DEVELOPMENT: Children at Pallavi Kidz, Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad, learn emotional skills when they watch imitate and respond to the behavior of others. Shows affection for friends without prompting. Children express their feelings like fear, fondness without bias. Children learn to care and share with peer groups. Children need to be encouraged to use magic words like Thank you, Please & Sorry, while conflicts arise. Use developmentally appropriate language and provide conversation skills.


  • The society we live in today would not exist without the influence of past Generations.
  • We pride ourselves on leaving a legacy of knowledge for our descendants to utilize.
  • Our ability to learn from our ancestors’ past decisions and use that knowledge in our day to day life.
  • The moment you hear the word “Storytelling” reminds us of our Grand Parents from our childhood days who would tell us bedtime stories with moral values.
  • They keep telling stories right from our childhood days.
  • Our tradition of storytelling facilitates this transfer of knowledge.
  • As a result, storytelling remains to this day the single most important tradition humans participate in.
  • The most important reason for this being that every story contains a lesson to instruct the children.
  • Stories teach us to love, forgive others, and to strive for better than we have.

Other importance of Storytelling is:

  • Enable children to empathize with unfamiliar people/ places / situations.
  • It helps children to consider new ideas.
  • It promotes a feeling of wellbeing and relaxation.
  • It increases children’s willingness to communicate thoughts and feelings.
  • It encourages imagination and creativity/listening skills/active participation.
Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad


  • Singing, as we say, is the food for the soul. But when children tap their feet to the tune of the rhymes, they don’t only feel the joy and happiness; they unknowingly learn the language as well in a fun way.
  • Yes, in the child care curriculum, music is used worldwide as a powerful tool to enhance children’s linguistic skills, imagination power, thinking skill, fine motor coordination and many more.
Best Pre Schools in Hyderabad
  • Our brains remember language better when it is set to music and that is the reason we all remember our childhood rhymes and songs, even after decades. Little do we realize, that when children sing, they practice the language by pronouncing words and putting together sentences.
  • Yes, they learn to remember information when they memorize the lyrics.
  • When they do actions along with the songs, those motions help them practice fine-motor coordination.
  • When children move their fingers with the beats of the music, they learn to control their hands and fingers, which is considered to be an important skill necessary for writing and handling small objects.
  • Music also helps in enhancing the emotional quotient in children and strengthening their social skills.
  • The benefits of adding music and rhymes in pre-primary education- Increases toddler’s sensory development, builds coordination between body and brain.
  • Improves motor skills, literacy, and numeracy, logical skills, develops vocabulary.
  • Lifts up moods!